Economic Impact of Black Bear Hunting

Posted on 01/15/2010

During 2006, hunters in West Virginia purchased 23,383 black bear damage stamps. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) entered the names and address of these individuals into a database. In May 2007, the WVDNR conducted a systematic random survey of these individuals to determine the effectiveness of early hunting seasons, hunter participation and distribution, and the economic impact black bear hunting in West Virginia. These data were analyzed as part of the project leader's dissertation at West Virginia University. Economic data were analyzed by Dr. Randy Childs with the Department of Economics at West Virginia University. Below are the highlights from the economic section of the survey:

Total impact from instate hunters during the harvest season: $7,556,889

Total impact from out of state hunters during the harvest season: $1,314,539

Total impact from hunting equipment for black bear hunting: $4,207,643

Total impact from home expenses of dogs and maintenance: $20,342,263

Total impact of black bear dog training season: $18,426,271


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