Camo Coalition

The Camo Coalition is a program of the West Virginia Wildlife Federation formed to protect West Virginia’s wildlife resources and hunting and fishing heritage. Our hunting and fishing heritage is not being passed on to the next generation. Special interest groups are actively lobbying to restrict our ability to hunt and fish. Each year laws are passed that further restrict the public’s use of our natural resources. What can you do to make sure West Virginia remains one of the best places in America to hunt and fish? Join the West Virginia Camo Coalition. It’s FREE!!!!

The West Virginia Wildlife Federation’s Camouflage Coalition is a new tool in the effort to protect West Virginia’s Sporting heritage. Its primary objective is to bring sportsmen and women of all interests and all types together into one common effort that can focus on the problems facing fish, wildlife, habitat and sportsmen’s issues of the day. We approach conservation issues from a scientific viewpoint, guided by research, experience and sound management principles. The Camo Coalition has made a commitment to arm you with the facts so you can do your part to direct the future of West Virginia’s natural resources.

Make Your Voice Heard!

West Virginia’s 300,000 plus hunters and fishermen make up a significant portion of the state’s economy. It’s up to us to come together to ensure that these resources are going to be here for future generations. Join forces with your fellow sportsmen and make your voice heard on issues that directly affect you and the things you hold dear. Active sportsmen carry more clout with legislators than other groups. That is why the West Virginia Wildlife Federation has a strong voice. But, with your help, it can be even stronger. By joining the Camo Coalition your opinion will be heard!! You will have access to the latest developments in the WV Legislature. You will be given the tools necessary to educate your legislators.

United for West Virginia!

The Camo Coalition addresses more than just statewide issues. If there is a conservation issue affecting you regionally or locally, let us know. Together, we can mobilize fellow sportsmen within your region or community to act for the protection of our natural resources.

How the Coalition Works

No dues or membership fees are required – the process is simple and free. Just go HERE and enter your contact information. As important conservation issues arise, the Camo Coalition will post educational resources and send alerts to let you know it is time to tell decision-makers what you think.