Very Important! A message from the WV Wildlife Federation President

Posted on 01/28/2015


We have reached a critical time for the future of deer hunting in West Virginia. It is absolutely imperative that you contact your WV State Senator's office TODAY and let them know that you OPPOSE the transfer of regulation of Captive Cervid facilities (deer farms) from the WVDNR to the WV Department of Agriculture.

Walt Helmick and WV Agriculture would like to see a few wealthy individuals killing pen-raised deer inside of a tiny enclosure, and they do not respect the grass roots hunter! You MUST contact your Senators today and be absolutely clear that you do not support SB 237!!!

Your deer hunting future depends on your action!!!!!!

It is up to you, and the future is in your hands right now. For God's sake, please make the call!!!

Listed below is a link to your State Senators, so don't be the person to blame that we lost deer hunting in West Virginia! Let the voice of thousands of sportsmen, sportswomen, and the sporting youth of West Virginia be heard!

Thank You,

Jerod Harman
President, WV Wildlife Federation